Friday, August 30, 2013

Why do we eat like we do?

Here is what I remember eating as a kid:
Starch anyone?
TV dinners were big in my house because both of my parents worked. I remember coming home for lunch one time and my high school friend opened the freezer stocked with TV dinners and said "wow, this is awesome"! Coke was like water to us and Fig Newtons were healthy right?

If I had not developed Celiac disease would I still eat that way?  Probably... but I feel lucky (yes, you heard that right), lucky to have this disease.  There is heart disease on both sides of my family and I could have serious health problems right now if I hadn't changed how I eat. I was forced to look at what I put into my mouth at every meal. I began reading labels.  I started trying new things. I learned how to prepare food correctly. I learned to love kale.

So take some time to think about why you eat the way you do.
  • Were you heavily influenced by your family? 
  •  Did you have a bad experience with a certain vegetable as a kid? 
  • Are you influenced now by your friends or partner? 
  • Just can't resist those mouth watering ads on TV?

Understanding the why is the first step for change. It helps you to step out from behind the "that is just how I am" door.  Why do I always crave something sweet after dinner?  Because that was a tradition in our house.  Ice cream right before bed, which is fine if you have the metabolism of a 12 year old. So when I decided to get healthy and lose some weight, I knew that I'm was up against a tradition but traditions can change. My first step was to have a piece of fruit after dinner.  Once I got used to that I decided to take the next step and have a nice warm mug of tea or take a walk with my dog.  See how I transitioned to a non food activity?

So in a nutshell...  Take inventory of what you want to change. Identify the why behind it. Understand the why behind it.  Then take your first step to change that behavior. Remember it doesn't have to be a giant first step.  It can be a baby step.

Good luck! And remember, you aren't alone. You can always reach out for help. 

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